The Iron Sharpens Iron Academy
by Lions Den Detroit Men's Development & Fraternity
Proud Veteran Owned Business
"Men of Detroit...Are You Ready To Level Up In An 8-Week Boot Camp That Challenges You Mentally and Physically  Alongside Other Men Who Commit To Their Absolute Best?
Iron Sharpens Iron Academy Benefits Include:
  • Tremendous Mental & Physical Shape
  • ​A Regimented Lifestyle By Design Of Your Choosing
  • ​The Confidence To Defend Yourself And Your Family
  • ​Knowledge To Eat Food For Fuel Then Flavor
  • Network With Other Men With A Proven Commitment To The Same
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T. J. Typinski

CEO, Lions Den Detroit
Lead Mentor, Iron Sharpens Iron Academy
U. S. Army Veteran 2001-2009
Serial Entrepreneur
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What Our Academy Graduates Say...
"I feel like I'm on the attack again."
"Not too much I can't handle now."
"I don't think I could've gotten back to this physical or mental state alone."
Douglas Drouillard
Owner /
Andre Tate
Heavy Mechanic
Matt Holt
Contractor & Wrestling Coach
"I want every lawyer I work with to go through this program."
"In 8 weeks, I'm a lot stronger. Almost immeasurably stronger."
Saura Sahu
Owner / Clancy & Associates Law
Academy Applications Close In:
James Jenkins III
Architect / Jenkins Construction

Pete Raciti, - Templar Life Safety, CEO

Under the guidance and direction of TJ Typinski, my idea of how to start and grow a business was transformed. The insight, direction and challenges that TJ put forth, made me rethink what I’m doing but more importantly, how I’m doing it!

In the first months I wasn’t sure the changes were even needed. It wasn’t until month 5 and 6 that I started to see the benefits of the changes I made. Of the things I was measuring, ALL of them went in the right direction! The assistance TJ provided was more than helpful, it was transformational.

Jake Gissendanner, Software Engineer

At some point I realized I was not the man I wanted to be.  I honestly wasn't sure who I was. I approached Thomas for help.  He wasted no time, and was direct and honest.  Every man knows the valuable scarcity of this. He coached me towards healthy eating, fitness, life organization, and discovery of purpose.
I have never felt better.  I really mean that.  I very clearly understand who I am and what I want.  I'm happy.  I don't fear failure. I own myself.

Together, Let's Quit Your Excuses, Face Down Your Demons and Finally Earn The Best Physical And Mental Shape Of Your Life.

We Will Cultivate an Iron-Clad Mindset, Understand Using Food For Fuel, and Surround You With Other Lions Committed To Success.
In order to succeed in life, you must have mentors. There is simply no reason to go in on this battle alone. Standing on the shoulders of giants that have already walked that path will accelerate your growth and cut your learning curve in ways that are often immeasurable.

Each Mentor in the Lions Den is an entrepreneur in their own right. They have their own businesses that they run, but they choose to spend their spare time with you, here, believing in our mission. 

They were specially selected from around Metro Detroit for the best possible result. Period. They have committed to giving you their all as long as you reciprocate. They will help you to cultivate your best self rapidly by sharing their abundance of knowledge through the course of the 8 week boot camp to support you in earning your strongest, most confident self ever. 

 Show up. Work hard. Take your impact back to your families and your communities.
Meet The Mentors That Will Support And Hold You Accountable Throughout The Academy
T. J. Typinski
Fitness / Mindset
Max Sandzik
Fitness / Accountability
Ali Fayad
Self Defense - Firearms
Adlai Cleveland
Self Defense - Jiu Jitsu
Deanna Mollicone
Nutrition & Diet
Addyson Graves
Nutrition / Fitness
Iron Sharpens Iron.

We've heard it all of our lives, but little did we realize how important those words were to living a life to it's fullest potential.


I'm not talking about making some money and living comfortably.

Fuck comfort.

All that matters is freedom.

Freedom from the fears that hold us back from our true potential.

Freedom from the chains that societal norms have put on us men.

Freedom to live according to our true nature as men.


Exertion of physical energy.

Feeding our magnificent machine by using only the most high quality foods and supplements for fuel.

Without pain, there is no growth. There is simply no possible other way.

No shortcut or "Red Pill".


We've gone soft and society says it's ok.

It's not ok.

It's nobody's else's fault but our own.

There is no one coming to save you. No one to give you an award for carrying an enormous amount of weight on your shoulders.

It's time to take care of you because that's all you've got.
It's time to be whole again.

It's time we realize that in this game of is always...only...You vs. You.

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