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How to escape your obsession with politics, celebrity news and social media to build a lifestyle of your own design
How to escape your obsession with politics, celebrity news and social media to build a lifestyle of your own design
The Bullet-Proof method to take back control of your time, health and environment
The Bullet-Proof method to take back control of your time, health and environment
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Roadmap Strategy Session Benefits:
  • Ruthless Honesty: Military directness to make quick progress.
  • Local Networking: Generously assist each other with our big goals.
  • Academy Application: Application to the ISI Academy
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Thomas Typinski 

Founder/CEO of Lions Den Detroit
U. S. Army Veteran 2001-2009
Serial Entrepreneur
Lead Mentor - ISI Academy
As Featured On:
"Thomas Typinski is not only my trusted mentor but also my friend. He has taken me through the crucible of my startup offering humor, motivation, and/or two-by-fours-of-truth-across-the-forehead always as warranted. Frankly, I love the guy. And I'm sure anyone that comes in contact with him in the future will benefit just like I did! "

Reed Bennet, CEO
"My name is Seann Lewis and I know Thomas Typinski through the Bunker Labs program. Thomas helped me in many ways. His mentor ship helped me to focus on the important tasks at hand. With his help I have been able to make inroads that would have taken much longer otherwise. His help and mentor ship has been invaluable. "

Seann Lewis, CEO
"I am a man with a lot going on with job, family, commitments out the wazoo. At 50 do you continue to drive on with your life or put in a framework to achieve and inspire for more. Since meeting T. J., and growing veteran entrepreneurship in Michigan together, I have become even more inspired. Sometimes to push more, make a bigger impact on those I serve, and to lead a more well balanced and purposeful life. "

Stephen Potter

Colonel, US Army
"TJ helped me realize that my max potential could be raised A LOT higher. To the average person, I was a superstar and most likely to succeed amongst my peers (a bunch of potheads and students). He helped me tweak my lifestyle just a bit and now I track everything I do, eat only clean foods, and operate at a higher level mentally and physically. He is real and authentic with calling out your bullshit and that's what the world lacks right now - to be real with themselves."

Armando Arteaga, CTO
Lions Den Coaches
We've searched Detroit for the best and brightest. Many professionals will help you along your journey, all here to bring you to your best mental and physical shape ever!
Iron Sharpens Iron Academy Cohort Starts In:
Are You Ready To Quit Your Excuses, Face Your Demons and Finally Earn The Best Physical Shape Of Your Life, Cultivate an Iron-Clad Mindset, Understand Using Food For Fuel, and Surround Yourself With Lions Committed To Success?
In order to succeed in life, you must have mentors. There is simply no reason to go in on this battle alone. Standing on the shoulders of giants that have already walked that path will accelerate your growth and cut your learning curve in ways that are often immeasurable.

Each Mentor in the Lions Den is an entrepreneur in their own right. They have their own businesses that they run, but they choose to spend their spare time with you, here, believing in our mission. 

They were specially selected from around Metro Detroit for the best possible result. Period. They have committed to giving you their all as long as you reciprocate. They will help you to cultivate your best self rapidly by sharing their abundance of knowledge through the course of the 8 week boot camp to support you in earning your strongest, most confident self ever. 

Everything you need to get in to the best mental and physical shape you've ever been in is in this all-inclusive program.
Just show up. Work hard. Take your impact back to your families and your communities.
The "Iron Sharpens Iron Academy" Roadmap Flyer
Lions Den Training Academy - Ferndale, MI
Iron Sharpens Iron.

We've heard it all of our lives, but little did we realize how important those words were to living a life to it's fullest potential.


I'm not talking about making some money and living comfortably.

Fuck comfort.

All that matters is freedom.

Freedom from the fears that hold us back from our true potential.

Freedom from the chains that societal norms have put on us men.

Freedom to live according to our true nature as men.


Exertion of physical energy.

Feeding our magnificent machine by using only the most high quality foods and supplements for fuel.

Without pain, there is no growth. There is simply no possible other way.

No shortcut or "Red Pill".


We've gone soft and society says it's ok.

It's not ok.

It's nobody's else's fault but our own.

There is no one coming to save you. No one to give you an award for carrying an enormous amount of weight on your shoulders.

It's time to take care of you because that's all you've got.
It's time to be whole again.

It's time we realize that in this game of is always...only...You vs. You.

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